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Posted by Cryzabey - January 3rd, 2009

I haven't had flash for a while, as my Dad banned me from it for reasons that I'd rather not divulge; however, I'm now back, and more eager than ever to get some coding done. I've already started on cleaning up the code lying around my site, finished up the boss stage of a game me and Andy are working on, and made a couple of Scar Scripts to help me get the highscore on a couple of arcade games ;)

This creative burst is partly due to my flash withdrawal, and even more by the fact that I'm on Christmas break. Likely when school starts back up, my flow will be diminished if not shut off. Don't expect to many lengthy projects from me until next year (senior year) when I have next to no hard classes and will probably be more focused on developing skills for my desired career. (Something to do with programming)

So, until late May, adios.

Posted by Cryzabey - August 13th, 2008

I've finally released another game.
Decade approached me about 3 weeks ago with art for a game called "Crunch" and asked me to code it for him. Crunch is a fairly simple math based arcade style game. It was technically done after two weeks, but we couldn't find a sponsor. So instead, we entered it in the MaxGames competition. Now we're crossing our finger and hoping for the best. With a little bit of luck we should land at least a monthly top 3 award of 1k.

Gah. The first day when your game's score is so easily changed is nerve racking. We came out of judgment with a strong 3.6 and traversed all the way up to a sex 3.85. Unfortunately, do to the educational nature of our game, it's bottomed out around 3.6.


Currently in the final stages of production. We're tweaking the menu, and adding the final two levels. If we haul some serious ass this should be finished before I have to head back to school the 27th. It's easily going to blow all of my old work out of the water. We're hoping for at least a daily award, and a weekly one if we're extremely lucky. Wish us luck ;)


The Site Layout:
I've had it with designing my own website. I'm just too terrible at art. So instead, I've bought a template and am in the process of tweaking it for all the pages I currently have up. I currently have to add all new games and information into the database manually, but I'm working on creating an automated rank system for the games and user profiles. But I'm a little more than worried about the security of it all, as I've been focusing on purely functionality.

Posted by Cryzabey - July 27th, 2008

About a week ago my wisdom teeth were taken out, and I was forced under a form of house arrest by my Dad. While on the road to recovery, I sifted through some old files on my computer stumbling upon an extremely packed folder of unfinished Flash projects from 2006. I opened up one to take a gander, and I was instantly hooked.

After almost completely re-doing two of my projects, I got in touch with BlackFang (Andy) to see if he'd be interested in updating the art for them, and now here I am today. Andy is currently finishing up some of the artwork for a game we've labeled "Fat-Game" and while I'm waiting I've finished a flash game (Kickups, bad graphics, but still semi-fun) and started on another, more in-depth, project.

Expect to see Fat-Game hitting NG fairly soon,
and Vortex to follow ;)